Pneumatic crimping machine TPM1 is a simple pneumatic perfume crimping head.
In order to crimp with this tool you just need to connect to your air compressed air supply. Once done you’ll be free to place manually the head on every different height bottle (same neck diameter) and crimp in sequence without removing bottles from original carton packaging.
TPM1 is so easy to handle that can be moved to reach the bottles anywhere on the work surface, it can also be fitted with a balancer that hanged on a suspended above wire can take off the weight of the machine from the operator’s hand.
Advantages: immediate use cost efficiency limited air consuption simple use no maintenance required.

Air pressure: 6 bar/87 psi
Net weight: 2 kg
Supplied accessoires: service keys and
one crimping head (size on request)
Optional accessories: additional
crimping heads
Standard crimping head diameter available: 11, 13, 15, 17, 18 and 20 mm