The semi automatic, pneumatic perfume crimping machine AP02 is the right compromise quality-price for a continuous medium to high production. Versatility and simple use are the main characteristics.
A special feature is the possibility to move incrementally (get near the bottle, for the first crimping adjustments with little shifts) and with low speed. With AP02 perfume crimping machine you can set up each crimping head to close every pump size in the market (1” valve crimping excluded).

Dimensions: 52x51x80 cm
Net weight: 36 kg
Working pressure: 6 bar/87 psi
Air consumption: 24Nl/min
Supplied accessories: 1 crimping head,
two centering tools and service keys.
Optional accessories: additional crimping heads and custom made centering tools
Standard crimping head diameter available: 11, 13, 15, 17, 18 and 20 mm