Dip Tube Cutting

Pneumatic Semi-automatic dip tube cutting machine SPEEDCUT 99

Speedcut 99 is an irreplaceable tool for cutting dip tubes thanks to its simple mechanism and cost efficiency. By inserting the tube into a custom made hole and applying a slight pressure, an air switch triggers a small cylinder connected to a sharpened punch. Length adjustment depends on the positioning of the cutting apparatus, from a minimum of 30 mm to a maximum of 260 mm, the maximum diameter that can be cut is 6.4mm.

The cut is concave with a radius of 3.5mm, recommended for perfume dip tubes. Speedcut 99 can be powered by any compressed air supply given the limited amount of air necessary for its use. As a consequence, speed and productivity rates depend solely on the operator’s speed.

We offer an excellent range of Dip Tube Cutting Machines. Many companies often need to change the dip tube lengths and these machines allow them to do this in house as and when required.

The Speedcut range of Dip Tube Cutting Machines are semi-automatic in operation, simple to use and efficient.

Dimensions: 8x12x32 cm
Net weight: 2,5 kg
Working pressure: 6 bar/87 psi
Maximum diameter cut: 6,4 mm
Maximum length cut: 260 mm


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